Lorenzo thinks writing about himself in the third person is very strange.. but here it goes.   Firstly Lorenzo would like to think he's a nice, NORMAL person. Maybe its cause he grew up in the Midwest to the son of an Italian immigrant mother (hence the name "Lorenzo”).  After a high school career of unsuccessfully attempting athletics and thinking “these artsy people are interesting", yet secretly loving art, he decided to go to a state school and meet in the middle – he studied communications (the default major for "I am kinda arsty but not near clear on what I want".)  

He soon went to study abroad in Milan, while there he got a job working at a modeling agency and loved it.  After coming home to Kansas City, he worked for a few years as a talent agent there as well (and before you scoff at a talent agency in Kansas, there was plenty of work there and NO Dorothy was NOT his only client).  In both of these markets he had a knack of understanding the importance of how an actor should be marketed and had a real rapport with his actors and models as well.  He also loved being involved in their photo-shoots...a little too much (“why is my agent standing over the photographer's back yelling perfect don’t move!”).  With his instant success in these markets he soon had aspirations of being a “big time agent” in LA as well, so he moved here in 98'.  He found out REAL QUICK that his laid back demeanor, and his ability to laugh at any situation wasn’t really conducive toward being a big time talent agent.  He never understood why everyone was so angry?  His demeanor, while being useless in an LA agency, was tailor fit for his love of photography though…  

So under the tutelage of his friend and amazing photographer Jeff Nicholson, Lorenzo picked up a camera and shot till he got it right.  Soon after starting to shoot, Lorenzo became one of the top names in headshot photography and has stayed so consistently for almost 15 years.  His ability to make people comfortable, to laugh, and to also understand the MARKETING side of headshots was the perfect storm for this success.  Not to mention he actually cares how well his actors do with his pics.

He now shoots in the Hollywood Hills in his home where he has found all the locations he loves to use.  He believes that during a shoot you should feel like you’re hanging out with a friend for the day and not feel like a business transaction is happening.  He wants the atmosphere to be comfortable and inviting (not “hurry I have two people waiting behind you!  Now smile damnit!").  He loves living in LA and one of his favorite pastimes is going to the movies (meanwhile driving his girlfriend crazy by whispering "I shot that person!").